The Bishop’s house

The Bishop’s house has a unique museum project “History of Orthodoxy in Siberia”, open from 2014 due to Tobolsk-Tyumen metropolis.

Tobolsk eparchy is the oldest in Siberia, it was organized in 1620. For centuries Siberian bishops, metropolitans lead missionary, educational activity among citizens. Bishop’s residency was built in 1775. It is situated on the territory of Sofia Dvor, for 2 centuries it held the position of spiritual center of Siberia. In present days, the memorial building returned its historical calling. Bishop’s house also has Tobolsk-Tymen metropolitan Dimitrius’ office, eparchy secretariat. Meetings with clergy, citizens and students of orthodox school are held in the throne room, meetings with guests and authority representatives – in guesthouse.

The opening of the museum on history of orthodoxy in Siberia contributed to advancing tourism in Tyumen region. It became an important site in pilgrim route. The museum exhibition project is an illustrative chronicle of appearing, establishing and spreading of orthodoxy since the time of Ermak’s conquest until present days. The theme of missionary work (Siberian metropolitans Filofey Leschinskiy, Johan Tobolskiy, Pavel Konyshkevich’s activity)  is emphasized.

Specially for the Bishop’s house main Russian conservation centers repaired more than 200 items of devotional art of XVII-XVIII centuries. Multimedia technologies complement the main exposition. Visitors can see the map of orthodox dynamics, feel the atmosphere due to light and sound equipment. Illustrated, systemized researchers’ documents reflect the missionary significance of this spiritual center.

Address: Red Square 2, building 15, Tobolsk.

Open: from Thursday to Sunday, from 12 till 4 p.m. Days off – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

For more information: +7 (3456) 22-37-13