The scientific library of the Tobolsk Museum-reserve, after a three-year break, was reopened to visitors on 8 April 2011. The library is housed in the renovated Main Hospital building of the Tobolsk prison castle, historical and architectural monument of the mid-nineteenth century.
The main pride of the library - the unique collection that includes over 54 thousand editions 35 thousand of which belong to the category of rare and unique. These are books of the first half of the XVII  and the XX centuries; the periodic and proceeding editions of the XVIII-XX centuries; collections of meetings of famous people of Siberia, of the Tobolsk provincial museum; collections from libraries of the establishments which stopped the existence at the beginning of the XX century. The fund is placed in three book-depositories with the modern equipment. Scientists-historians, ethnographers, archeologists find here the richest material for the researches devoted to Siberia. Working conditions in the reading hall of the Scientific Library are comfortable for visitors and employees.
The exposition part of Scientific library is presented by an entrance to an exposition "Provincial library", reconstruction of an interior of Provincial library of the end of the XIX beginning of the XX centuries and a constant exposition "A.S. Sukhanov's Office".
Visitors are acquainted here with the history of the library of the Tobolsk provincial museum and with its first figures. Interior, recreated from the photographs, used during the presentations, exhibitions, displays and it is available for interactive lessons.
"A.S. Sukhanov's office" serves to perpetuate the memory of the public figure of Tobolsk, the Deputy of the IV State Duma of Russia (1912-1917). Alexey Stepanovich Sukhanov made a huge contribution to cultural development of Tobolsk: he kept a bookstore, a printing house, he opened Public library (1886), National library (1891), he was the initiator of opening in the city of Sunday school for adults and also he initiated the construction of the building of National audience. The basis of an exposition of the recreated interior of the office included original fund (over 600 editions) from A.S. Sukhanov's library. The Fund consists of publications of Russian and foreign classics, books in foreign languages, and  publications on geography, history, collection of I. I. Krasovsky with unique autographs, periodicals.
In the show-windows of the reading room editions and museum subjects of current interest of replaceable and exhibition projects are placed.
Open: from 10.00a.m to 5.00 p.m. without a break. Day off – Monday.
Contact information: chief librarian: Lepova Galina Vasilyevna, ph.: 8(3456) 22-37-10, 22-37-67