Renterey – the building built presumably in 1714-1717, for storage of monarchic treasury on the project of the Tobolsk architect, cartographer and historian of Siberia S. U. Remezov. It received such name according to the name of the quitrent of that time collected from peasants – a rent. Here in the underground precious Siberian "tribute" was kept, the tax collected from the natives in furs. S. U. Remezov called the building Dmitriyevsky gate (in day of St. Dmitry Solunsky Yermak entered the Siberian capital) that reflects already triumphal and memorial value of the monument. Captured Swedes were involved in construction of storage of the state treasury from here one more name – the Swedish chamber.

Two tiers of Renterey, like the floors of two cultural eras. In the second tier the rational basis of Peter the Great’s architecture sounds clearly: the accurate linear structure of six chambers united by a suite of doors and  a uniform rhythm of the blades and the windows on the facade. The chambers are  decorated with columnar window frames with keel arches and ornamental cornice, and this decoration goes back to the XVII century. In Renterey there are spacious rooms with the arches more than six meters high.
Since the end of the XVIII century and to the middle of the XX century the building was used as the archive is realized – the open repository "Temporarily available". And for the first time, residents and city visitors have the opportunity to get acquainted with some unique collections and exhibits.
The most considerable collection of the museum – archaeological. It presents the materials related to a variety of eras from the Stone Age up to the ethnographic present.
We would like to note particularly stone tools, ancient utensils, weapons, cult objects and decorative bronze castings.
In the object "Renterey" the collection of "Ethnography of the Russian" is stored. It is diverse according to the content items, the subjects included in it are divided by the material of which they are made. For example: "Tree", "Metal", "Ceramics, porcelain, glass", "Skin", "Fabrics", "Other", "Equipment". The collection includes household items, clothes, shoes, various devices used in everyday life by the population of Tobolsk and Western Siberia.
Collection of natural science collections, called "Nature" includes "formalin preparations", dissected insects (entomological exhibits), geological and paleontological collections. These items illustrate the biodiversity of the fauna of mammals, birds, fish and flora of Western Siberia.
Open: from 10.00a.m to 6.00 p.m. without a break. Day off – Monday.
Contact information: top manager of the Museum complex "Renteria": Balunov Igor Valeryevich: 8(3456) 22-09-65