If you want to try to make fire the way our ancestors did, see ancient treasures and exhibition items on the level of the Kunstkamera Museum then you should visit Renterey.

Renterey was designed by S. Remezov as the first triumphal memorial building in Siberia. It is one of the most significant  masterpieces of Siberian architecture that combines elements of Scandinavian culture, old Russian traditions, architecture of Peter the Great era. The name “Renterey” comes from the name of taxes from peasants – “renta”. The building kept Siberian “yasak” – tax in furs. The second name of Renterey is “Dmitrius’ gate” after the victory of Siberian conqueror Ermak against Kuchum on the day of St. Dmitry Solunsky. Another name of the building is “Swedish chamber”, because exiled Swedish people (after the great Northern War in 1700-1721) were engaged in its construction. In 2017 several scenes of the film “Tobol” were shot in this building.

Nowadays Renterey is an open depository “Temporarily available”. Citizens and city guests have a chance to see collections of unique museum items most of which are exhibited for the first time. Stone walls with massive doors create an atmosphere of mystery.

To visit the museum complex book in advance: +7 (3456) 22-37-13

Address: Red Square 1, building 3, Tobolsk.

Open: from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m. Day off – Sunday