Gostiny Dvor

The building of Gostiny Dvor was built in 1706 by an architect, cartographer and historian of Siberia, S. U. Remezov and is only 1/3 smaller than Moscow Gostiny Dvor.

The imperial decree of 1702 ordered to construct Gostiny Dvor for encouragement of trade with Central Asia, India, China and Afghanistan. Caravans with foreign goods were brought to this place quite often. The aim of the government was not only to build a place where merchant goods were safe from the fires and theft, but also give a representative outlook.to a new shopping center of Tobolsk

There were 30 hotel rooms for merchants on the upper floor, the first floor had 35 retail shops, in the basement there were 27 storage units. In structure the building reminds Bukhara caravan barns, it combines Old Russian features of architecture and elements of Eastern architecture. Round towers stand in corners, there were a customhouse above eastern gate and a chapel above the western one.

From the second half of the XVIII century the Tatar committee, court, prison, merchant hotel, a number of provincial organizations, provincial drugstore were housed in the building.  In 1788 Provincial government offices resided the former Gostiny Dvor, from 1822 - Tobolsk Office on the exiled, then the prisoner company.

Today the unique architectural monument returned its original purpose; there are souvenir shops on the ground floor, where people can buy gifts.

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ph.: +7 (3456) 26-41-58 


Museum of Siberian Trade


Since 2015 Museum of Siberian Trade has been working in Gostiny Dvor. Its exposition shows the way how Siberian entrepreneurship and trade have been developing during the period of 3 centuries. There are several thematic parts: “Siberian trade route”, “Tea horse road”, “Customhouse”, “Siberian trade”, “Tobolsk as the center of Siberia in XVII-XIX centuries”.

Guests will encounter authentic objects of local craft and trade such as furs, kitchenware of XVII-XIX centuries, Siberian coins of XVII-XIX centuries, etc.

Moreover, gate chapel is open for visitors for the first time since restoration.

Address: Red Square 2, building 1, Tobolsk, Tyumen region.

Open: from 10 a.m. till 18 p.m. Day off – Monday

Booking of excursions and workshops: +7 (3456) 22-33-95, +7 (3456) 22-37-13


Nettle workshop "Grass-fire"


In Gostiny Dvor you have an opportunity to learn the revived technology of making nettle canvas. When manufacturing fabrics had appeared at the end of XIX century the craft, which was of great importance within Indigenous peoples of North, was forgotten.

Tobolsk Museum-Reserve carefully keeps a unique collection of items from nettle canvas, collected during ethnographic expeditions in 1910-1911, and the secret technology behind them. There are also exhibits of XIX century such as weaver looms, hand spindles, tools for nettle processing, Khanty clothes (shirts, embroidery, dresses).Visitors can not only see masterpieces of nettle craft, but also take part in workshops on nettle weaving.

Open: from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m. Day off – Monday

Booking of excursions and workshops: +7 (3456) 22-33-95, +7 (3456) 22-37-13


Events. Offsite ceremonies of marriage registration.


We offer additional services: events in the courtyard of the building (offsite ceremony of marriage registration), carrying out interactive lessons, providing room for negotiations, business meetings and other.




Tobolsk Museum-Reserve invites guests to stay in hotel rooms in Tobolsk Kremlin - the heart of the ancient capital of Siberia.

The hotel can house 25 people. There are 1- and 2-bedroom suites. Interiors and furniture are old styled, remind the era of Peter the Great. Every hotel room has a bathroom, AC, TV, toiletries.

There is also a parking lot under guard 24/7.

Within walking distance to the hotel there are shops and bus stops.

Booking of suites: +7 (3456) 26-41-58

Web-site: Bookin.com:Гостиный двор