Tobolsk Kremlin – museum ensemble

Tobolsk white-stone Kremlin is the only Kremlin on the territory of Western Siberia. This unique historical and architectural complex was built according to the project by S. Remezov. Thousands of people admire the beauty and magnificence of the Kremlin, it accepted tsars, presidents, voivodes, governors, saints and metropolitans, guests from all over the world. Kremlin walls preserve memories of the first explorers of Siberia, rebellions, highs and lows of the first capital of Siberia.

This historical center includes spiritual part (St. Sofia Yard), administrative one(Voevoda Dvor), trading one(Gostiny Dvor) and the Prison Castle. The main object of interest is - the first stone building in Siberia – St. Sofia Cathedral, built in 1686. The sightseeing platform gives a picturesque view of the lower part of Tobolsk, Chuvash Cape (the place of Ermak versus Kuchum fight).

We would like you to get to know the main site of interest of one of the most beautiful Siberian cities. Book an excursion and travel in time and space to the ancient capital of Siberia!

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