The first items in the Paintings collection arrived in 1896 when it was decided to open the Arts Department in the Tobolsk Provincial Museum on the initiative of the Tobolsk provincial agronomist N. L. Skalozubov.

The collection consists of easel, paintings of the late 17th - early 21st century. In the collection there are also 22 parsunas (17th century Russian painted portraits). A unique item is Parsuna-portrait of Patriarch Joachim, written in 1678 by Karp Zolotarev, one of the leading painters of the Armory. Close to the so-called Parsuna are "Haidamak" or "Polish" heroic portraits of Yermak  of 18th – 19th century (11 units) that were widely-spread in Siberia and done on canvas, cardboard or metal.

The dominant object in our collection is a painting by S. V. Ivanov "In the forest", which was given by the author to the Arts Department of the provincial Museum in 1896.

One of the first picturesque landscape paintings of Tobolsk in our collection are paired paintings of 1830: uphill, depicting the Kremlin, and the downhill parts of the town.

But mostly the paintings of the 19th century are portraits. These are portraits of a young man in the green tie, of Golenishchev-Kutuzov, of one of the Grand dukes by unknown artists of the first third of the 19th century; there is also a copy of a portrait of Empress Elizabeth I. The collection also includes four portraits by Tobolsk artist Denis Petrovich Sheludkov. In 1833 he was sent by the Governor-General Velyaminov for copying works in the Hermitage. Perhaps copies of Rembrandt and van Dyck works in our collection date back to this period.









Works of the Siberian artist Mikhail Stepanovich Znamensky are of great interest. These are a portrait of his father - S. Y. Znamensky and scenic landscapes - "Tobolsk in the winter" and "Isker", the picture "Yermak’s punitive expedition", and the caricature of Tobolsk officials (2nd half of the 19th century).

The gem of the collection is landscapes by the Distinguished artist of the RSFSR A. O. Nikulin ("Windy", "the Boys -fishermen", "After the storm"). The Tobolsk collection has a small landscape, "View of lake" – the only work of V. D. Vuchichevich-Sibirskiy, a pupil of Shishkin and Repin, in Western Siberia.

Of great interest are the works of the Tobolsk artist P. P. Chukomin, who left a bright trace in the history of Tobolsk (portraits of G. N. Potanin, N. L. Skalozubov, S. M. Trusov, Duchess Kulemetieva and Tobolsk recognizable landscapes).

The Tobolsk museum-reserve paintings collection possesses the works by talented local artists: I. G.Purtov, P. P. Tokarev, A. I. Ilyinykh, G. S. Bochanov, V. G. Iglovikov, M. G. Polkov, G. S. Gubin, N. P. Botsman, and P. K. Simonov.

In 2005 there was a large acquisition of paintings by Belarus artists.






Currently there are 961 items in the Paintings collection.

1. A. Arestov Winter twilight. 1992, oil on canvas.

2. I. Obrosov Portrait of an actress. 1988 Org., tempera.

3. A. Shkurenko. Good evening, Rembrandt. 1989 oil on canvas.

4. V. Rogozin. Portrait Of Olga. 1993, oil on canvas.

5. A. Demko. St. Basil's Cathedral. 1995 oil on canvas.

6. V. Rogozin. Lyadiny. 1993, oil on canvas.

7. B. Uspensky. In the coulisse. 1982 Org., tempera.

8. V. Artamonov. Winter landscape. 1964 oil on canvas.

9. N. Kozlenko. Stop. 1984 oil on canvas.

10. N. Kozlenko. At a threshold. In the evening. 1984, oil on canvas

11. N. Kostereva. Morning. 1987, oil on canvas.

12. V. Ni. Harvesting of cabbage. 1972 particle board, tempera.

13. T. Fedorova. Portrait of a woman. 1983, oil on canvas.

14. V. Gavrilyachenko. Cossack farewell ceremony. 1986, oil on canvas.

15. Y. Makhotin. Expanse. Oil on canvas.



Rayshev Gennady Stepanovich

Rayshev  Gennady Stepanovich (b. 1934),is  Honoured artist of Russia since 2006, member of the Union of artists of the USSR since 1974, Honoured artist of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district since1996, an Honorary academician of the Demidov’s Academy of arts and crafts.

The topics of G. S. Raishev's art are diverse. In his works the Khanty and Mansi peoples’ perception of environment is reflected in close connection with the artist’s individual philosophical vision. His paintings and drawings have a worthy place in many collections in Russia and Europe. There are his paintings in our Museum as well.

16. G. S. Rayshev Painting. "Woman - spinner". 1983, oil on canvas. 50 X40 cm

17. G. S. Rayshev Painting. "Evening". 1973, oil on cardboard. 80х102 cm

18. G. S. Rayshev Painting. "Shooting the pike".1980-s oil on canvas. 103х124 cm

19. G. S. Rayshev Painting. "Collecting beads". 1980s oil on canvas. 103х105 cm

20. G. S. Rayshev Painting. “Yugansk land." 1980s oil on canvas. 61х61 cm

21. G. S. Rayshev Painting. "Salym land" 1980s oil on canvas. 61х61 cm

22. G. S. Rayshev Painting. "Ephrem Mikurov and the bear".1980s. oil on cardboard. 87х55 cm

23. G. S. Rayshev Painting. "Misha Lempin". 1980s oil on cardboard. 87х55 cm

24. G. S. Rayshev Painting. "The Owner Of Yugan". 1980s oil on canvas. 102х124 cm

25. G. S. Rayshev Painting "Winter. Sleigh rides". 1980s particleboard, oil. 27,8х68 cm