The history of technology items

The collection consists of 435 items in the main and 142 items in the scientific and additional funds. The first items that started the collection, came in the early 20th century. For example in 1900 the grain tester from the Department of Agriculture was transferred to the Museum at the request of the provincial agriculturist. In 1908, a manual sewing machine was purchased from a peasant of Turinskaya municipal volost. In 1920, a balalaika, seized from one of the prisoners during the search, was received from the 1st Tobolsk convict prison.

The collection includes a variety of musical instruments, phonographs and gramophones, tape recorders, sewing machines, radios, radiograms, television sets, a washing machine, telephones, cameras and various equipment for photo labs, electric shavers, hairdryers, video cameras, a telescope, various types of watches, counting machines, printing equipment, computers, printer, etc. The collection was replenished with cell phones, pager, toaster and other examples of modern technology, including measurement equipment used at the Tobolsk Petrochemical plant. The items of the collection are used in interior expositions and topical exhibitions.

Interesting memorial items are: Decembrist M. A. Fonvizin’s longcase (grandfather) clock, revolutionary, state and party figure V. I. Polonsky’s pocket watch, the Hero of Soviet Union T. N. Charkov’s pocket watch, the Tobolsk teacher A. I. Ksenofontova’s personal belongings of, musical instrument – zither of M. S. Znamensky’s niece, the camera of M. P. Tarunin (the first Director of the Tobolsk Museum under the Soviet regime).








1. Grain tester. Early 20th century

2. Decembrist M. A. Fonvizin’s longcase clock 1800-1850.

3. Clock in wooden case with pendulum. The inscription on the clock dial "Le Roi a Paris". France. 1870-1917.

4. Clock in wooden case. The inscription on the clock dial "Le Roi a Paris". France. Early 20th century

5. S. F Rymarev’s pocket watch. Purchased in 1938, produced by the State watch factory, Moscow.

6. Wall-mounting clock. Early 20th century

7. Alarm clock. 1990s

8. Table clock. The 2nd Moscow watch factory. 1960s

9. Mantel clock with Cupids. The first half of the 19th century.

10. The piano by "Ed. Zeiler" company, Germany, Berlin. Early 20th century Belonged to E. G. Chekmezova. Purchased in Tobolsk in 1910




Technology for life

Household appliances are devices used in everyday life. They are designed to facilitate certain activities, to entertain, to create comfort in everyday life. They can be classified according to their importance (essential, desirable, and possible to do without), size (small and large appliances), designation etc. Even 100 years ago hardly many people heard about appliances, and today it is difficult to find at least one person who does not use any of the appliances.

The needs of modern person are very different from the needs of people who lived one or two centuries ago. Humankind gets used to the comfort, and it is natural. The solution of various everyday issues is much simpler when you have the necessary equipment.





11. Combined television and radio set of the 2nd class. Model TR-210 L "Belarus" in a wooden rectangular case. The USSR. 1970-ies Wood, plastic, metal, factory production. 46х69х37 cm

12. Subscriber Loudspeaker "Taiga-304", in a rectangular case. GOST. 5961-76 the USSR. 1970-1979 Metal, plastic, cardboard, factory production. 15х25х6,5 cm

13. Electrophone "Russia-321-stereo. Consists of records playing device type III-EPU-74СП and dual-channel low frequency amplifier combined in a single case and remote speakers. The desired tone is set by using separate tone controls for higher and lower frequencies. Chelyabinsk. 1970-1979 Metal, plastic, cardboard, factory production. 10х39х30,3 cm




14. Electric iron. SZVK. Metal triangular body and black ornately shaped handle. Screw under the handle. Double wire with electrical plug. Sverdlovsk. 1962 Metal, Ebonite, factory production. Length 24 cm

15. Thermometer with calendar in a round wooden frame with a shaped top for hanging. 1973-2000. Wood, glass, carving, factory production, Height - 41,0 cm; diam. - 18,0 cm

16. Transistor radio "Alpinist-405", portable with handle. USSR. 1969 Plastic, metal, plexiglass, factory production. Height. 16 cm, diam. 24.5 cm., width 7.5 cm

17. Manual sewing machine on a small stand with an inscription "Gosshweimashina", engraved on metal plates and yellow stamped ornament. Russia. 1930-1939. Metal, wood, stamping, engraving. 51х22,5h30 cm

18. Zinger manual sewing machine with floral stamped gilt ornamentation on the case, with embossed patterns on metal plates. Case on wooden stand, in box. Germany. 1930-1939. Metal, wood, stamping, relief. 45,5x25,5 cm

19. Black phone device.  White dialling disk. USSR. 1960-1969. Metal, Ebonite, plastic, factory production. 17,7х13,5x12 cm

20. Phonograph, a musical machine with the mouthpiece, which reproduces the sounds recorded on the disc. Russia. Late 19th - early 20th century Wood, metal, rubber, plastic, factory production. 45х44 cm