Miscellaneous objects

According to records, the collection consists of 251 items in the main collection and 525 items of scientific and additional collection. It was singled out from the array of other collections not long ago, and was formed mainly out of objects of the Tobolsk artel (an association of workers) "Own work" starting from 1930-s, although a few items date back to 1894-1895. These are Pugachev soldiers’ Cross from Lukina village in Abalakskaya volost, samples of hair and hair mesh from Chervishevo village, Tyumen district, received from Malyarevsky G. Ya.

It also contains items not included in the other collections made of stone, bone, plastics, plastic, rubber, polyethylene, and other materials. The collection is small, with heterogeneous in its content. It has household items (rope, girth, snare traps, brushes), Church items (Episcopal staff and marble crosses), items from Tobolsk convict prison No. 1 (squared pieces of stone and bone, parcels of tobacco, etc.), writing instruments on marble bases, sundials, the objects of the 2nd half of the 20th century (ballpoint pens, umbrellas, plastic bags, key rings, souvenirs, pennants, hard hats, rosin, samples of products and other household stuff). They can be used for exhibitions on the Soviet period of the 20th century Russian history – the construction of the Tobolsk Petrochemical plant, oil and gas exploration in Tyumen region, local wars.









There are also interesting items brought from Manchuria. They are Jasper statues of Chinese sages, Chinese dining cutlery, soap, a straw hat with a hair brush, hair combs, and a lantern. They were donated to the Museum in the early 20th century by individuals: sister of mercy Bukharina M. S., Dulubova L. V. Terentyeva, P. G., and Pignatti V. N.

 The collection has a handle and a bone plate signed by crown Prince Nikolai Alexandrovich, future Emperor Nikolai II, when he visited Tobolsk in 1891.





1. High bone hair comb. 1900-1917.

2. Children's elastic rattle. 1945-1955.

3. Rubber doll in the crown with the festival of youth and students in Moscow emblem. 1985

4. Turtle-shaped jewellery box. 1980-2005.

5. Pearl shell box. Early 20th century

6. Cigarette case. Mid-20th century

7. Gift  to Tobolsk petrochemical plant  from the Ural automakers in honour of the 10th anniversary, January 1995






Ballpoint pen

The operating principle of the first ballpoint pen was patented on October 30, 1888 in the United States by John Laud. Modern ballpoint pen was invented by Hungarian journalist Laszlo Biro in 1931. The first prototype was created in 1938. And in 1953, the Frenchman Marcel Bich improved and simplified the design, receiving the cheap (disposable) in the production model of ballpoint pen called BIC (Bic Cristal). In the USSR, ballpoint pens became widespread in the late 1960-ies, when their mass production began in the autumn of 1965, using Swiss equipment.


8. Ballpoint pen with the inscription "Fatherland - All Russia", blue and white. Russia. 1999 Plastic, factory production. Length - 14,3 cm

9. Piston fountain pen with a nib made of white plastic with the golden inscription "Study with flying colours”. USSR. 1970-1989. Plastic, label, factory production. Length - 12,1 cm

10. Piston fountain pen of white metal and ebonite with engraved inscription "TIAMZ "(Tobolsk State Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve). Russian President Vladimir Putin used this pen to put an autograph in the Distinguished visitors’ book during his visit to the Tobolsk museum-reserve Art Museum on March 6, 2003. 2000s, White metal, ebonite, engraved. Length - 14 cm

11. Automatic pen with the inscription "Tyumenpozservis" (Tyumen firefighting service). Russia. 1990-2000 Plastic, factory production. Length - 14.2 cm

12. Ballpoint pen with the inscription "10 years with you." Russia. 2000s Plastic, factory production. Length - 14 cm

13. Ballpoint pen with inscription "III international Remezovskiy conference”. Russia. 2007 White plastic, factory production. Length - 14.5 cm; diameter- 1 cm

14. Ballpoint pen with the inscription "First Tyumen international tourism fair "Discover your Siberia!" Russia. 2007 White plastic, blue plastic, factory production. Length - 14.5 cm; diameter - 1.1 cm

15. Ballpoint pen with the inscription "The Philology department of Mendeleev’s TGPI (Tobolsk State Pedagogical Institute)” Russia. 2000s White plastic, blue plastic, factory production. Length - 14,4 cm; diam. - 1 cm

16. Ballpoint pen with the inscription "I.Y. Slovtsov’s Tyumen regional Museum of local lore.” Russia. 2000s, White plastic, black plastic, factory production. Length - 14 cm; diam. - 1.1 cm

17. Ballpoint pen with inscription "Radio 75 years! Region-Tyumen". Russia. 2000s White plastic, factory production. Length - 13.6 cm; diam. - 1 cm