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Tobolsk Provincial Museum
Welcome to the first Siberian Museum! First collections, staff, expositions, they all started in the memorial building that preserved its original outlook and architectural individuality. The only museum in Western Siberia that was under the auspices of Emperor Nikolas II, it was a scientific and cultural center of Siberia.
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Museum of the Family of Emperor Nicholas II
On April 29, 2018 one of the most important events in cultural life of Tobolsk happened: Museum of the Family of Emperor Nicholas II opened its doors for visitors. The museum complex takes place in the historical memorial building of Governor’s residence where the imperial family lived during their exile in Tobolsk from August 1917 to April 1918.
Tobolsk Kremlin – museum ensemble
Tobolsk white-stone Kremlin is the only Kremlin on the territory of Western Siberia. This unique historical and architectural complex was built according to the project by S. Remezov. Thousands of people admire the beauty and magnificence of the Kremlin, it accepted tsars, presidents, voivodes, governors, saints and metropolitans, guests from all over the world. Kremlin walls preserve memories of the first explorers of Siberia, rebellions, highs and lows of the first capital of Siberia.
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Governor’s Palace
Governor’s Palace is the key museum in Tobolsk Kremlin. Since January 2009 it gives room for exhibition on the history of governance in Siberia from the XVII century till 1917.
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Gostiny Dvor
The imperial decree of 1702 ordered to construct Gostiny Dvor for encouragement of trade with Central Asia, India, China and Afghanistan. Caravans with foreign goods were brought to this place quite often. The aim of the government was not only to build a place where merchant goods were safe from the fires and theft, but also give a representative a new shopping center of Tobolsk.
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If you want to try to make fire the way our ancestors did, see ancient treasures and exhibition items on the level of the Kunstkamera Museum then you should visit Renterey.
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The Prison Castle
The Prison Castle is the most mysterious architectural complex of Tobolsk Kremlin. It used to be the strictest Russian prison until 1989, when the Prison Castle stopped its activity; nowadays it is a museum of Siberian exile.
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The Scientific Library
The Scientific Library of Tobolsk Museum-Reserve, after a three-year break, was reopened on April 8, 2011. The library is housed in the renovated Main (Hospital) building of Tobolsk Prison Castle, historical and architectural monument of the mid-nineteenth century.
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Museum family center “Kamelek”
Tobolsk Museum-Reserve values family traditions, a key role in developing it plays learning folk customs. On January 7, 2016 Museum family center “Kamelek” was opened. The museum carries out events that consolidate relationships within families, the exposition tells children about crafts, toys, folk celebrations.
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Museum of crafts
Nowadays revival and promotion of traditions is one of the tasks in the work of preserving historical and cultural heritage of the region. Crafts embody historical, spiritual, aesthetic experience of a nation, its moral basis. There are unique exhibition items in the museum of crafts that tell guests the history of traditional Siberian male crafts such as smithery, tanning, pottery, beekeeping, art painting, and female ones such as knitting, tailoring, rug weaving.
Provincial Courthouse
In the historical building of Provincial Courthouse guests can visit the exhibition “National Spirit of Victory”. They will learn the feats of Siberians during the Great Patriotic War, stories of those who fought for our nation.
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The Bishop’s house
The Bishop’s house has a unique museum project “History of Orthodoxy in Siberia”, open from 2014 due to Tobolsk-Tyumen metropolis.


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GAUK TO "Tyumen Museum Association”

PhD in Museum Studies, PhD in Philosophy

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Vladislava Dronova


Director of “Tobolsk Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve” Division
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Director’s Assistant

Igor Balyunov


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Senior Research Scientist

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Vitaly Lagutin


Manager of museum complex “Prison Castle”

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Manager of museum complex “Governor’s Palace”

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Aleksey Vakulik


Manager of museum complex “Museum of the Family of Emperor Nicholas II”

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Manager of museum complex “Gostiny Dvor”

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